Hi! I’m Francesco Cassino - aka Comakid - and I make sounds.


I’m fascinated by all things music: I love glitchy and computer-generated music as much as analog-infused and soulful compositions. However, that “surprise” factor that sparks my imagination must be there. Always!

“I realised that for me 

production was the best way 

to put my all-rounded 

perspective on music to use”

I work on film scores as well as VR music integration, theatre music performances, sounds and patches for music software and plugins.


Long story short: I grew up in a house full of music and I got this passion from my parents. My dad taught me the basics for guitar and piano and shortly after, at the age of 6 I started taking drum lessons, which to this day remains my main instrument. 


Despite being classically trained, when I was a teen I grew fond of electronic music, and that’s when I started experimenting with software and production. Shortly after, I realised that for me production was the best way to put my all-rounded perspective on music to use. 


At 19 I moved to London, got my undergrad degree in “Commercial Music Composition & Technology” and postgrad in “Studio Composition” at the Goldsmith University of London.